Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Trail Runner enthusiasts and newbies, to my Utah County Trail Running Club

My name is Marcee and I love to hit the trails...literally, once I fell and hit the trail and busted my nose, but seriously, long distance trail running is a huge part of my life.

I wanted to start a trail running club to meet more people, make new friends, and find some cool places to run...

I don't want the fact that I'm a single female to keep me limited from doing things that I enjoy!

Some of my running history...

I thought I'd put some pictures of some of my most memorable races. Although I've been running for many years and done lots of marathons and ultras, I'm finally preparing and training for my very first (and possibly last...hehe) 100 miler, The Wasatch 100, September 2008.

This first picture was taken during the Mid Mountain Marathon, a beautiful 26.2 mile race in Park City, Utah, almost all on single track trails.

No this one wasn't a trail run, but it was a huge accomplishment in my was the Boston Marathon!!!

These following pictures were all taken during the Katcina Mosa 100km Mountain Run 2007. This race will always be memorable because I took first place in the overall women's division and set a new women's record.

In the first picture is my friend Jarom Thurston in front and I'm kind of hiding in the background. That was about mile 17 of the 62 mile course.

Above is a shot taken at the top of the third big mountain climb, Windy Pass, over 9,200 ft and only halfway through the 100km race.

Here I am coming into the finish line up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, Utah.
I had family and friends there to greet and congratulate me. I couldn't believe it...a NEW course record and overall women's 1st place.

John Bozung the RD is at the left presenting me with my winning trophy. 14 hours 51 minutes....I still can't believe I had it in me do pull that off.